Get Medicare answers at a neighborhood seminar

Attend a seminar hosted by a Medicare expert, where you can ask questions and get personal answers. You'll even hear what your neighbors want to know, too. It's a great way to get individual help to understand Medicare. And, if you're already a Highmark Medicare Advantage member, you'll get coverage updates and helpful information on using your plan's features. Below, select whether you're looking for a Medicare plan or are already a Highmark Medicare Advantage member.

Looking for Medicare?

Seminars for those who are:
  • About to become eligible for Medicare
  • Shopping for a Medicare plan
  • Needing to change their coverage
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Already a Highmark Medicare Advantage member?

Seminars for those who are:
  • Currently enrolled in a Highmark Medicare Advantage plan with a Medicare card and Member ID card.
Highmark is not currently holding member meetings.

To get answers to questions about your plan now, please call the phone/TTY numbers on the back of your Member ID card.